Machines of Loving Grace – 9 (Nine)

Machines of Loving Grace is a campaign using the Fate Accelerated system. Set in the year 2044, it follows a group called FIREWALL, a special team brought together by the International Center for Infectious Diseases as they face an unprecedented global challenge.

In this episode, FIREWALL is rushed to Turkey to uncover the nature of a new strain of the engineered virus that threatens the world.


Dr. Corrie Buskirk, played by Bambi.

Dr. Kit Godfrey, played by Josh.

Mr. Rubin Espinoza, played by Zircher.

Dr. Thorben Persson, played by Dieter.

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Saturday, May 3rd, 2014
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One thought on “Machines of Loving Grace – 9 (Nine)”

  1. Onkel Thorsen says:

    [buy some apples!] I adore this campaign! To me it has only one critical flaw: I’m not in it!

    From the very first episode I’ve been imagining my own character alongside yours, to the point I was actually a little upset that Doctor Persson was intruding into his specialty, when he started looking into keeping people alive after the activation of the nodes.

    For the record, my character would have been Doctor Todd Rivers, a ridiculously handsome British trauma surgeon and the team expert on keeping people alive against all odds. He would have high scores in Flashy and Forceful, and aspects like “Don’t you die on me!” and “Caffeine fueled”.
    His exhaustion effect would have been something like “towering rages”.

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