Machines of Loving Grace – 11.1 (Eleven Point One)

Machines of Loving Grace is a campaign using the Fate Accelerated system. Set in the year 2044, it follows a group called FIREWALL, a special team brought together by the International Center for Infectious Diseases as they face an unprecedented global challenge.

In this episode, the crew deal with problems presented by their housing situation and work schedule, and decide on an interesting approach to the problem of a worldwide genetic timebomb and a cabal of AIs with their fingers on the button.


Dr. Corrie Buskirk, played by Bambi.

Dr. Kit Godfrey, played by Josh.

Mr. Rubin Espinoza, played by Zircher.

Dr. Thorben Persson, played by Dieter.


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Saturday, July 12th, 2014
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6 thoughts on “Machines of Loving Grace – 11.1 (Eleven Point One)”

  1. A) Love the podcast. Wish I was half the storyteller.
    B) Was this episode only supposed to be 3 minutes and change?

    1. Al says:

      A) That simple comment is some of the highest praise one can receive. Thank you sincerely.
      B) Your sensory apparatus must be malfunctioning, citizen. Please check the file again. There is no error. There never has been an error. Discussing non-existent errors is a waste of valuable Computer time. Wasting the Computer’s valuable time is treason. Have a nice day!
      c) Thank you for saving us from the resurrection of Dr. Todd Rivers.

  2. Hope you guys don’t mind me plugging you on my podcast. Your GM is insane (in the best possible way) for attempting this highly complex & Technical mystery. A++++ . What sort of research did you do to get this going? I assume at least one of you has some sort of background in microbiology or medicine?

    Can you detail your world building technique? Was this constructed with FATE Spark?

    1. Al says:

      Wow! Thanks! A plug is more than we deserve, and I’m grateful you’ve found this interesting and inspiring. That’s the whole reason we put this stuff out there!

      I’ll get you a more detailed response in a bit ( I haven’t been receiving notifications of comments and things are a bit hectic at the moment–more AI perfidy no doubt) but the short answer is that this idea is more than 15 years old, and has some research and thought behind it as a result of that. I hadn’t even heard of Fate Spark, but thanks to you I’ll check it out. If it’s anything like Evil Hat’s stuff, it’ll be 80% awesome.

  3. Unfortunately the AIs have struck twice and instead of playing episode 11.1, episode 11.0 is repeated here.

    1. Al says:

      Woops! I messed that up completely. I guess I’m on board with the AIs, then–if we colloidal intelligences can’t handle posting MP3s regularly and sequentially, how can we be expected to manage a global society? Should be fixed!

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