Machine of Loving Grace – 11 (Eleven)

Machines of Loving Grace is a campaign using the Fate Accelerated system. Set in the year 2044, it follows a group called FIREWALL, a special team brought together by the International Center for Infectious Diseases as they face an unprecedented global challenge.

In this episode, the crew works to overcome shortcomings in equipment, time and knowledge as they struggle to develop a viable treatment for the pathogen threatening to destroy human society.


Dr. Corrie Buskirk, played by Bambi.

Dr. Kit Godfrey, played by Josh.

Mr. Rubin Espinoza, played by Zircher.

Dr. Thorben Persson, played by Dieter.

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Monday, July 7th, 2014
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One thought on “Machine of Loving Grace – 11 (Eleven)”

  1. Onkel Thorsen says:

    I’m calling a great solution to the problem: Dummy Nodes.

    Also, if no-one else comments on these, I might feel compelled to resurrect Doctor Todd Rivers, and I don’t think any of us want that. Or do you? Do you?

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