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Giant Monster Robots on Ice!

GIANT MONSTER ROBOTS: A Musical Extravaganza On Ice! Based on the hit television series that became a blockbuster musical, GIANT MONSTER ROBOTS: A Musical Extravaganza–On Ice! is a Wushu game which seeks to honor the spirit of the original while […]

Monkey Con Zero: Invaderz and Toon

It’s a twofer! This is another game session from Monkey Con Zero, originating from the fine folks over at the excellent Monkeys Took My Jetpack podcast. The game was Invaderz, by Post Mortem Studious, and I recommend it without hesitation. […]

Monkey Con Zero: Hocus Focus

Hello everyone! I had the pleasure of participating in a virtual gaming convention, dubbed Monkey Con in honor of the crew over at Monkeys Took My Jetpack, who suggested it. Thanks to the community people who organized it–most especially the […]

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