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Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack: No Shelter Here: Part Two

The theater proudly presents a game set in the world of Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack. MFZ is a world where colonists fight for their freedom against an oppressive central government–using giant robots, of course! This session is a continuation […]

Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack: No Shelter Here

Hello one and all. As you can hear, I’m in no fit state to record an introduction this week, thanks to an unprovoked attack by microscopic invaders. I am fighting them on the beaches, etc. So please enjoy this, our […]

Monkey Con 1 – Ocean

Monkey Con 1, a virtual gaming convention held in October, was a blast. Presented for your enjoyment is a sample of that fun. In this case, Ocean, by Atarashi Games.   This game was facilitated by the bold and mighty […]

Monkey Con 1 – Paranoia: Delta Quadrant

Presented for your listening pleasure, a sampling of the great gaming fun had during Monkey Con 1, the online gaming convention created by fans of the excellent Monkeys Took my Jetpack actual play podcast. This time we present Paranoia: Delta […]

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