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Into The Void 5

While other members of the Fenris crew track down more conventional leads, Oobro is dispatched to another part of the galaxy to interview the former commander of Battlegroup 73, which employed explosives from the same batch used to make the […]

Into the Void 4

Sabotage! Between last episode and this, the PCs learned that an explosion aboard the Fenris took its main weapon offline temporarily and severely wounded the gun crew. Oobro was tasked with finding out how and why, and here we learn […]

Into the Void 3

Irial leads an investigation of the crash site as driving wind howls and an aurora blazes in the sky. Several clues are gathered, and the characters are confronted with a surprise that has particular relevance to her. The Theater crew […]

Into the Void 2

An enemy patrol has entered the system where the Fenris is operating, and her crew must prevent their escape! Irial, Oobro, and several others are dispatched in a gunship to intercept any forces which may reach planetside and to protect […]

Into the Void 1

100th Anniversary Special! Porcelain Llama Theater proudly presents “Into the Void”, a space-opera campaign run by our very own Dieter. Set in the universe of a popular video game franchise, Into the Void follows the adventures of the crew of […]

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